i like f(amber).

f(x) + Youtube (2009~2013)

The Asian pop dance group is a five membered girl group made up of international and native members including Korean members Sulli, Luna, Korean-American member Krystal, Chinese-American member Amber and the Chinese Victoria who unite to form ‘f(x)’. Their group name ‘f(x)’ is uniquely written like the mathematical symbol for ‘function’, which portrays the members’ passion to unfold electric performances throughout not only Korea but also Asia based on their various talents that could be applied into the equation as ‘x’, to yield unexpected results. The name is also a play on the mathematical notation for function with “f” stands for flower, and “x” stands for the XX chromosomes in females. They will be a feminine and beautiful group like flowers, and will be the hot, successful and influential icon of Asia. 


tbh f(x) fandom is a strong fandom. Imagine stanning a group whose like a ninja and doesn’t seem to exist for months. f(x) are lucky to have a patient fans like them. (anon)

pink tape was the best in 2013.  SMA and MAMA sucks.  Sorry exo fan followers but I hate exo.  Idc.  you guys can just unfollow me after this. Irdc.  i hate growl.  I hate that song.  I only like kris and DO in the group. They shuld be a sub-unit.  But i hate exo as a group.  i want to cut SM’s CEO’s throat and kick them to a pit and yell “this is for all the f(x) fans!!!”. 


140116 - f(x) - The Boys (SNSD) @ The 28th Golden Disk Awards
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140116 - f(x) - 첫 사랑니 (Rum Pum Pum Pum) at 28th GDA
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140116 - 28th Golden Disk Awards

F(x) wins at Golden Disk Awards 



f(x) Golden Disk Awards - the boys