i like f(amber).
i make gifs and edits when i get time, but i usually reblog cus its so much easier.
my former blog named is mmmmmilike.
most of my gifs has my former named on top or bottom corner.


@宋茜-fx—victoria: 谢谢你们努力的应援,让我们在舞台上可以更起劲儿的表演。谢谢我的后背们[爱你]香菜我都收到了~下次见~都回家睡20个小时!

TRANS: Thanks for you guys’ support, it just made us to have more motivation to perform on the stage. Thanks for standing behind my back! [爱你] Received those parsley ~ See you next time! All of you should go back home and sleep for 20 hours now! (storia870202)



Amtoria and Lunstal supporting each other down the stairs after Jet performance. 
Stay together and stay strong f(4) 

Amtoria being lovey-dovey  ♡ || SMTOWN in  Shangai ‘14

AS4U Ep11 K-POP HOT 10

f(viclunber) @ sm town tokyo ending